Meet Susan!

Susan co-owns Custom Quilts with her mother, Cindy, which they established in 1992 in Susan's basement. 

She is also a mother to 3 daughters: Amanda, Emily, and Jennifer. 
Along with her passion of quilt making, Susan has a passion for animals! She owns several different kinds including a horse, donkey, goat, two dogs, and five cats!  However, Susan didn't come by these on her own; let's just say her daughters have a passion for animals too and mom is always willing to help.

Meet Tania!

Meet Cindy!

Cindy is the mother of Susan and is a co-owner of Custom Quilts. 

She is a retired Registered Nurse who spent many years working in E.R.

When she is working at Custom Quilts you can see here helping with day-to-day functions, teaching classes, and making different samples.

When she is not at the store she enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

Like Susan, Cindy has a passion for animals; Cindy and her best friend, Donna, foster several dogs for those in need. On top of fostering she has a house full of her own animals consisting of three dogs and two cats. 

Tania has been helping Susan and Cindy for many years!

Tania helps keep everyone on their toes and helps where ever she is needed. 

Tania helps with the online orders, creating samples, as well as helping create custom orders!

Tania helps out part time and works at the school part time, making lunches for the kids. She has 3 children of her own, as well as several fur babies. She also has a passion for animals!

Meet Emily!

Emily is Susan's middle daughter and Cindy's granddaughter. 

Emily has always had an interest in quilting, seeing as how she grew up around it ;) Emily has made several different quilts, but has recently found a new passion involving making t-shirts, signs, tumblers etc. 

When Emily is not at the store, she works full time as a Veterinary Technician. Currently, she is completing her last semester of school to become a licensed veterinary technician.

Emily takes after her grandmother and mother with their passion for animals.

If you have ever heard Susan talk about Emily's "circus" then you know she is referring to Emily's three dogs and five cats! As with her grandmother, fostering animals is dear to Emily's heart.  

Tania and her family

Tania, her husband and 2 of her children